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Name: Jamal Joseph Jr
Nicknames: The Jay.
Occupation: Student 4 EVA word up shawties.

About: Hey! My name is Jamal! And I love hanging out with all my rad friends! Sometimes, we go to the beach, where Robbie just loves to show off for the shawties!

SHE-MAIL (LOL get it?)
That's the best way to contact me ever since my moms cut off my phone X(


Hahahaha, Robby you card XD

Sometimes we go chillax and drink beers in the mall parking lot. Mean old Security Guard Wilkins don't like it, but he's old and deaf XP


You ain't never gunna catch us when we's on our skateboards Mr. W!!!!1!

Othertimes I's just wit my dawgs. My pet dogs that is. What did you think I was talking about! Hahahaha you pervert XD Theys names is Sally and Ruff n'Tumbles. Ruff n'Tumbles ain't tough though, just a big ol puppy!


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