Star Date: 201X A.D.

About Jay:
Filmmaker, Innovator, Dragonslayer.

Jamal Joseph Jr., better known as "Jay" since his truename was stolen by pirates in the night, grew up exposed to the New York City art scene. This unfortunately made him believe he wanted to be an artist.

Growing up in youth theater groups, where he was taught to sing, dance and act, then learned he couldn't do any of these things. Jay went on to jump from one artistic scene to the next. Spoken word concerts, garage bands, guerilla documentary filmmaking, webcomics, theater improv, after experiencing a wide range of different cultures and people, Jay realized he was antisocial. So he set off to become a writer.

Graduating Columbia University's Film MFA program in 2013, Jay managed to hone his writing craft. He also went on to direct and produce several shorts and webseries... So much for that antisocial aspect. He continues to write for film and television projects, as well as teach young people the joys of filmmaking so they may one day as well travel down the tragic path of being an aritsts.

About NetworkJay::

NetworkJay was founded in 2004 as an umbrella to keep track of Jay's artistic life and projects. Updates and relevant projects are maintained on the website. The website itself was birthed with a cynical tone, and nothing has changed so expect no less.


Yes hotmail, because the internet that's why.

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